Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 11

Happy Wednesday! I hope the short week is going well for everyone! :) 

For absolutely no reason at all!

I have lost the house guest I was looking after for the past 2 weeks - Milly the super dog!! Buddy is absolutely exhausted and has not moved off his bed since she left. It's amazing how quickly you get use to having someone (or another dog) around, it's so quiet since she left! I think I am getting clucky... for a second dog that is! So perhaps sometime in the next 365days we may go on the journey to find Buddy a friend!

When my friend picked up Milly I received a beautiful gift…

Day 11 photo: A yummy smelling candle!
It's an amazing feeling to receive an unexpected gift for just helping out your friends. For me looking after another dog was a pleasure - fun and good for Buddy. I love being able to help out my friends, in any way I can. I did it because I care and friends mean so much to me. I didn't expect a thank you. I think that accepting a sincere thank you - in whatever form it comes in - can be just as challenging as accepting a compliment graciously. How is everyone going with accepting compliments? I know I'm still working on it!! :) 


Helping a friend out however you can, in whatever capacity you can, and knowing they are there to help you is such a precious gift. 

Friendship can come in many forms and each is so special. You also seem to find friendship and support from people you may not of even thought when the time comes down to it. I am blessed, in a way, that I have had 6 weeks to appreciate all the different types of relationships I have in my life. Words cannot express how lucky I am to have such a positive supportive bunch of people around me! And how grateful I am of each relationship I have. Some of my friends live kilometres away, some are around the world, some are intense and so close they know everything, some are fun and casual and some are new and fragile. 

Having a friend makes the bad days seem better, the good days seem even better and the great days…just beautiful to be able to share. I don't think we say 'thank you' or 'I love you' to our friends enough, it seems we either think they will always be by our side..or perhaps we simply overlook their importance in our lives. 

I love having the type of relationship with your friends, where you can tell a joke (yes, I am told my jokes are "bad" dad jokes!!) and they will laugh even if it's not funny, you can call in tears and they will sit by on the phone and either listen or talk you through the situation, they will bring you love and laughter when you need it the most, they will allow YOU to be YOU with no questions and love every little bit of you (even those bits you haven't come to terms with yourself quite yet) and are the people who when something wonderful happens are the first ones you want to tell!!

In today's society there is a lot of emphasis put on having a partner / falling in love..etc. But there's not much said about the value of having friends in your life. I believe that no one person can truly give you EVERYTHING you need. It's important to have a support network with different people so you don't put so much pressure on one person. Each relationship will offer you something slightly different and quirky. The love of a friend can never be underestimated and each person that comes into your life, at any given time, does so for a reason. 

I would like to take this time now to send out a HUGE thank you and lots of love to all of my beautiful friends - all of you hold a special place in my heart. 

…Until Tomorrow xox
A good friendship! 

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