Thursday, July 3, 2014

Day 33

I hope everyone is having a magnificent day! I had a lovely day hanging out with buddy, doing chores and relaxing!! :) what a day for it!

Today's will be a short and sweet one (unfortunately no photos) because my internet is down and I'm writing on my small phone screen!!! ;) 

I think today's big lesson is to love your own company and have some time by yourself! I feel great after watching the rosella birds, buddy playing ball and the drop in visitors from work! It's important to take some time out to have a look at the big picture and put things in perspective. 

"Learn to be alone and like it, 
There's nothing more powerful and 
Empowering than learning to like your 
Own company." 

As women and men we don't take time for ourselves..most of the time we don't have the luxury to have a whole day...even 10 minutes is great for recharging the batteries . I'm sure there's a few nineties each day that we can put aside for ourselves!! 

...Until Tomorrow xox

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