Thursday, July 10, 2014

Day 40 - meditation


A process of relaxing yourself and calming your mind. Concentrated focus on sound, objects, visualisation, breathing which allows increased awareness of the present. ( So what makes this thing that has been present for millions of years so good, and suddenly such common practice? 

I had the impression that mediation was "airy-fairy" growing up. Not that I ever knew exactly what it was or why it was used, just seemed abstract - something other people did. Then as time went on, I was "too busy" and "I had no time to learn how to do it". Then it just became too hard, even when I wanted to learn what the fuss was all about and really wanted (and needed) to learn to calm my mind. 

Then I had my accident, and time became irrelevant and there was no "excuses" for not learning. It took me a few weeks..but the last week I have been completing a guided meditation for 12minutes everyday. Initially I found it hard to sit still - to actually stop. Also as the session went on, my mind continued to wander and I found it harder and harder to get back to listening. It felt like  LONG 12 minutes!

Practice. I practiced everyday, sometimes twice or three times. I always held my hands the same way a simple but effective method that once it's conditioned to relaxation, that can be mimicked this in daily life without having to go into the full meditation. Gradually it became easier. To relax, and let thoughts come and go. Soon I was able to create a 'calmness' in my mind after a few minutes. Each time I meditate it allows me to get in touch with 'me'. The below quote is so true. I look forward to meditating, to calm my mind and check in. It's not a conscious conversation - more of a feeling and understanding of yourself. 

It's a beautiful feeling. And one that until you have tried and succeeded you'll never understand what all the fuss is about and the benefits of clarity. Even if you think you have it all under control and think you're calm - give it a go! You'll surprise yourself with the responses your mind and body will have. It's only a few minutes each day. :)

…Until Tomorrow xox

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