Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day 38 - What is your dream?

Day 38 photo: Camping chair in front of the heater!!
I am a cold body - I feel the cold, no matter how many layers I have on! I generally sit right in front of the heater whenever I am at home, and I'm finding (because I am home more) I am getting a sore back… So I dug out a little beach chair (I'm not even sure where I have it from!!) and parked it right in front of the heater and save my back! PERFECT! I was so excited by my idea and imagination I did a happy dance! Spurred along by the 'happy' song my sister just gave me!! I felt like a little kid again!! :) 

What is your dream? If you had unlimited funds, unlimited time, no obligations and were free to go anywhere. What would you do? 

HUGE question! Often we supress the thought, or have too many other people tell us what our dream should be. Remember when we were a child, looking at the world with wonder, having huge (and 'unrealistic') dreams of what we would do - a performer on stage, a sporting legend, a doctor, fireman, airline hostess, circus star…wow once you started YOU COULD BE OR DO ANYTHING!! When do we start to loose focus of our dreams? 

I realised last night (during a meditation, which I'm so proud of myself for continuing to do) that I focus on the short term, daily "what" i.e. what job should I do? Where should I live? etc. I put a lot of pressure on myself to have answers. When I started to reflect on things, my dreams became a lot clearer and I feel like I am a lot more focussed on where I am going. It's important to live in the here and now, and have realistic tasks…but extremely important to have a dream. Something that gets you so excited you do a happy dance and continue smiling inside and out.

When your why or dream is big enough, the how will fall into place. 

So I feel like my journey to my dream is just beginning and I'm so excited that I have started this blog, so that I can take you on the journey with me!

What is my dream I hear you ponder? I want to go to Africa and assist in a behavioural study with native animals. To help with this, I want to continue to work on expanding my knowledge of animal behaviour and look at training dogs or animals to assist people as companion dogs (Young Diggers program and Pets As Therapy). Phew!! When you say it out loud it gets a bit more real and scary!! :) 

What makes your heart sing? Give you butterflies in the tummy? Make you giggle aloud? Make you so passionate you could talk the ears of corn?! Once you've figured this out, everything else will seem to click. I have so many opportunities in my life at the moment that I was getting overwhelmed. When I stopped and had a breath, I was able to find and focus on my DREAM. The current opportunities are fantastic AND will assist me in achieving my dream - not hinder or stop me from reaching it! At risk of sounding like a cheesy info-mercial…it won't happen over night, but it will happen! :) So if an opportunity crosses your path along the way, it doesn't mean you won't achieve what you set out to…it might turn up to assist you...or you might embark on a new dream! That's ok, because it's your dream, your adventure!

Tell a friend! (Or write it on your blog..!) It will make it more real and make you accountable. It won't be 'just a dream' - it will be a journey to achieving it! 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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