Saturday, July 26, 2014

Day 56 - Good Habits

"A positively reinforced behaviour is more likely to occur again" - my favorite saying in dog training. But like the 'four c's' it can be applied to all of our beahviours. If we reinforce the good behaviours that we do, and nuture them, they will be more likely to become ingrained and stay with us. 

And when we think about this, I think that is why 'bad habits' become so ingrained. We reinforce them so often, that they become us. They say it takes 2 weeks to form a habit, and a lifetime to get rid of it. I believe that you CAN change your behaviour and positivity form habits that make us feel good and are proud. 

I say this, not just for the habits we all tend to focus on - eating healthy, exercising, holding down a job, making an income etc. But more for the thoughts and what we say to ourselves around these things. The habits of out thoughts. What do you tell yourself every day? Remember the more you tell yourself something, the more you'll believe it AND the more they will be ingrained. 

So we should tell ouselves nice, positive, gentle things. We are our own worst critic. We are so hard on ourselves. I know that is the most common thing said to me. That I should stop being so hard on myself. Especially when it comes to exercise. This has been a big challenge for me - not exercising, or exercising a little and getting exhausted. Very frustrating when I use to be able to exercise 2-3hours a day without thinking about it. 

Which leads me onto comparisons. We all compare - whether it's to other people, how we want to be, how we use to be etc. We should live for today, where we are in this present moment, be proud of ourselves and accept where we are on our journey. There was a saying that I heard recently "The only person you should be better than, was who you were yesterday". 

Easier said than done sometimes, but by practicing we can get better at treating ourselves kindly and with love and respect. Because the more we practice and positively reinforce the behaviour the more likely we will continue to do it on a regular basis. 

...Until Tomorrow xox

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