Friday, July 25, 2014

Day 55 - The four 'Cs'!

"It may be a simple concept, but it takes practice and dedication to succeed" This was a quote from a book about an introduction to Buddism concepts that I'm reading at the moment. 

It's interesting and so applicable, not just to meditation, but to all areas of our life. What I thought I would share tonight, are 4 of the key points I focus on in dog training, as the more I think about life and journeys and dreams and goals, the more I realise it can be applied not just to dogs, but to us! And all areas of our lives too!

The four 'c's': 

Consistency - Choose what you are working on, make rules around this and stick to them. If it is something that affects your family, make sure you are all on the same page. And do the same thing every time. For example, if you choose to work on meditation, put aside time each day to practice. Small achievable steps. 

Calmness - Be calm with yourself, when you are learning something new. Be gentle and allow yourself a chance to learn, and not beat yourself up if you get it 'wrong'. If you get it 'wrong' stop, take a deep breath and try again. 

Confidence - Believe in yourself and do it with confidence. Self doubt will only lead to self sabotage and eventually you will give up. If you act with confidence, and determination, you will succeed purely because you will be able to cope with any hiccups or problemsyou occur on the way. 

Clarity - be clear with what you set out to achieve. I say write it down. Set a big goal, then break it down into small achievable steps are important. i.e. Today with my meditation I want to achieve a calm mind. Sometimes this will be possible, other times you may take a step back before you move forward. 

Any progress when you are learning something should be treated as a huge success! You will coast along sometimes learning so much and feel like you are progressing…then you'll hit a wall and feel like you are back at square one. But then if you remain consistent and keep plodding along, you will find that you will be back on the right path and continue to move forward. "A shuffle in the right direction is still morning forward"!

It's important when you hit a wall…or two…or three, that you remain focus on what you want to achieve. You will get there, and like I said "It may be simple, but it's not easy". 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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