Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 44 - Exercise your mind

Health, wellbeing, beauty, feeling good…

When we think about this, we tend to focus A LOT on what we eat / put into our body, and exercising and keeping fit. Some thought is put into caring for your skin (if you don't know how let me know!!) but not as much as keeping fit and eating healthy. But least of all is what we put into our minds. 

I caught myself wasting time and found myself loosing energy with the silly games on your phone - I liked this initially after my accident, as I could 'zone out' and not think about ANYTHING! But as I started to improve, I made decision a - I want to put useful things into my brain. It would be interesting to see if there is a decline in ability since we rely on our phones so much - for entertainment, for maths, for communication, for time wasting…!! I know that long division has suffered…I asked mum today what 42 x 8 was, she paused for a moment then said "336"…pretty impressive…most of us would be reaching for the calculator on our phones!!

So leaving behind our naughty time wasting technology, what else do you do to look after your mind? I spoke the other day about meditation and mindfulness. I just watched an amazing show on ABC1 about an inspiring man who has started a charity to assist training for African rangers against poachers. That's what made me stop and think - even what we watch on TV impacts on our mental clarity and 'enrichment' (I talk about this a lot with dogs!). 

I have deleted the games off my phone - unless they serve as a mental exercise (like scrabble, or memory games). And aim to watch more informational shows..things to keep me thinking, stretching my mind. 

Of course we need to chill out and sometimes not stretch our mind - just like we need to have a 'rest day' from the gym or a 'cheat meal' from our healthy dinner. We should definitely consider better choices about what we put into our bodies on all levels. Time to break some bad habits…get rid of the calculator, watch a documentary, play a mind game, have a discussion with a  friend that stretches your mind...

Definitely food for thought…haha…excuse the pun!!

…Until Tomorrow xox

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