Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day 47 - The Highs

I have had an amazing day today and feel like everything is falling into place. What changed for me, is instead of thinking about what 'could' happen, to what 'will' happen. I changed my focus from maybe one day I will get to where I want to be…to actively working at steps to get to smaller goals. So my big dream is to have an animal farm…my smaller one is to go to Africa, and smaller still is to build my businesses to be sustainable. WOW! So exciting. 

Small daily productive steps. I saw a beautiful positive speaker one day that said:
"It's simple, but doesn't mean its always going to be easy" 
This was in regards to developing a Nutrimetics business, but I have applied it to many areas of my life. If things are simplified…life is much more enjoyable. 

All good things in life take time…and work. But it's celebrating the little wins and that when you do experience the 'lows' they don't seem so bad. And some days (like sitting with the low) you need to 'high five' yourself and sit with the highs as well. It's being so excited and passionate and pumped by what you are doing, that people are attracted to you and everything just happens! 

I am babbling I know. I'm tired, I'm happy, and I've had a busy good day! It's a hugely grateful day!! :)

So HIGH FIVE yourself tonight!! :)

…Until Tomorrow xox
A reminder that 'life is a roller coaster' And your growth happens the most when you struggle.

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