Saturday, July 12, 2014

Day 42 - A blank page

Blank page. That's what I am staring at now. I was staring at the page trying to figure out what to write about tonight, I'm a bit tired from an amazing day with Nutrimetics.

Then I looked at it from a different angle…and as we know sometimes looking at things from a different point of view change the outlook completely! My blank page tonight was an amazing opportunity to write about anything. I've dedicated myself to writing something everyday for 365days, and I will write something. It's a journey, it's not always going to be easy, but there are many topics to explore. 

A blank page is an opportunity to write your own story, have your own adventure. This can also be a metaphor for life. On a daily basis. Each morning you wake up - refreshed, and have a blank page for the day. You can choose what you want to write about on it. It's proven that your first words and thoughts of the day will shape how your day goes. So if you think happy, positive "believe and achieve your dreams" thoughts - you are much more equipped to be able to handle what the day throws at you. 

For example, I completed my 12minute meditation this morning and thought about my dreams. I got to my Nutrimetics seminar and got all of my things out of the car and bent down to pick something off the ground and my smoothie (which was in my bag on my shoulder)  spilt all down my back on my work clothes. Before I went to go in. Sheesh! Don't you hate it when that happens!! Instead of thinking "this is going to be one of those days" or getting really stroppy - I laughed, cleaned myself up the best I could and went into the seminar…and had the best day. It was so great, I forgot all about it…until I got home and realised I had some pithy orange bits still on the back of my jacket! 

And yep…I laughed and laughed!! 

Attitude, how you see something and in return how you deal with it. Do you see an obstacle in your day and let it stop you from achieving your dream? OR do you see an obstacle, and a solution and work out how you will climb over it and keep moving? 

More food for thought!! :)

…Until Tomorrow xox

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