Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 39 - When life gives you lemons...

What a day! Looks like my journey to healing has taken a set-back…foot to the specialist for further investigation. A bit disappointing, but gave me the opportunity to practice what I spoke about last week. To feel and sit with an emotion - allow yourself  to feel it, then move on. 

So I did just that - I sat with my disappointment, which turned into frustration at not having found out anything sooner.. then… I went and did some volunteer dog training. Which was the best thing I could of done. Made me forget about my foot and the "what if's" and allowed me to focus on something that I love. 


What do you do to make yourself forget about the world? The other thing I love doing, is finding a song that sums up how you are feeling at the time, and listening and singing as loud as you want to along with it! I also love writing. Hence my blog, but I also immerse myself in journal writing / handouts etc. Or a good book or a spa or a glass of wine (if you drink!). 

I think part of the silver lining of my situation at the moment is that I am learning to stop. Stop. Assess. Feel. Take time to process. Move on. Know that life is a roller coaster - you will have absolutely beautiful, gorgeous days - and days that are tough, that test you - make you question things. But if we never experienced the tough days - we wouldn't appreciate the beautiful days. It's important to figure out how to process all emotions and be able to let go to continue to progress and move forward. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

You always have options and a choice when you are given something you may not initially want..

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