Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 60

I almost forgot to write today! Do you ever have those days where you are vague and a bit out of it. And everyone seems to notice? I got a few comments today "You're in a funny mood" and "Are you ok?!" 

I know when there is a full moon ours and other animals behaviour can change. And dogs are very good at picking up when there is a severe weather change coming and their behaviour gets ratty. It's very fascinating!! Today has been very windy. That is the only thing I can put it down to. My crazy, scattered behaviour was due to the wind. 

I was talking to a friend today about my story telling. Often when I am telling a story, I'll get halfway through and forget the punchline, or get distracted and think of a better story to tell you, or be distracted by a 'shiny object', or jump to the best bit of the story before I get to it - then go back to the start. Or the best yet, ALL of them!! Hehe. It makes me smile! Some people get confused or loose track or simply tune out when I embark on story telling. 

I always thought it wasn't my 'strongest skill', but I can teach you the fine art of Megs' story telling...Other people may not find it as amusing, but I'll guarantee that you will have a laugh, and you will learn to see the beauty in everything - and share that with whomever you are talking to!! 

Sometimes it's best not to be a stickler to start to finish with no variance, but to get distracted and have adventures along the way!!! Including when you are telling a story!! :)

"Be brave and loose your way."

...Until Tomorrow xox

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