Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 37

Today I changed my office from the lounge room floor to the dining room table. I spread out all of my papers, had a note pad with a 'to do' list next to me, and knuckled down!! 

It's amazing how such a small change can increase your productivity and motivation! When you have your own business (or two) it's very easy to get distracted by TV, cleaning or the mailman. So to have a productive work space where you can block out the everyday distractions is so important. It's so simple too! But to have the discipline to is another thing. But today it hit me - I have been told so often to do this, but haven't - generally because it 'was too hard'. What do you do to be productive? 

I make a to-do list everyday, but for the first time today I made a "realistic" to-do list. With achievable specific tasks. I'm so used to writing a vague list, like 'write emails', 'complete curriculum', 'clean house'. Instead today my list looked more like 'write ___email', 'complete lesson 2 curriculum', 'vacuum' and 'clean stove'. Anyone that is task driven will know the satisfaction of ticking off tasks and will also know that you continue to add tasks as the day goes on. 

Do you know? Everyone and anyone can give you advice. And you can do all the reading and research you want to…But no one can MAKE you do it. You need to do that yourself. You need to have the strength to make that decision and stick to it. So change around your office to be more productive, turn off the phone, put your slippers on…or do whatever you need to to motivate yourself to complete your achievable tasks list..

…Until Tomorrow xox

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