Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day 57 - Karma

Karma. What is it? What does it mean? I use to think that by being a good, kind giving person that you would receive good, kind things in return. That was my definition of karma. For some reason we all use karma as a negative thing...that if a not nice person experiences something bad it was 'karma' that they got that.

"Karma means action. So things change by action, not by prayer, not by wish. " Dalai Lama

But then how does 'bad things happen to good people' work? Does karma work on a larger scale? How does it all fit in? I have just started learning about Karma in the book I'm reading at the moment. Which was interesting. All of your behaviour and actions both now and in previous existences decides the fate of our future existences. So your actions today, may not in fact make an impact on this life, but a future one. 

An interesting concept. One I am only just starting to learn about and am only a little baby in trying to understand it all. How fascinating a concept too. What I think is so amazing, is that once you start thinking about it, it opens a HUGE discussion about philosophy - what is and isn't in our control.

Realistically you can only live for today and control your actions and thoughts in this very moment. What are you doing right now? Are you being mindful, living in what you are doing right now? Are you reading this and actually thinking about it, or are you also watching tv, thinking about the next thing? Being mindful and enjoying what you have right now.

It's funny, I live right near a caravan park and was watching a family laughing and going for a walk to the lake. I was thinking - how much fun is it when you are on holiday, how relaxed and happy you are, and I wanted to be on holidays right away! But why can't you feel like you are on holidays everyday? If we adopt the ability to live mindfully in the moment, we would be able to be happy living in our day-to-day life. 

More to practice I think!! 

...Until Tomorrow xox

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