Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 50 - Driving

Driving. Something most of us do without thinking. We fall into bad or naughty habits and as a result can put other people at risk. 

I was thinking a lot about this the other day. I am slowly building up my confidence behind the wheel again, and feel like I did when I was 18. You know…hands at 10 and 2, thumbs not wrapped around the wheel, mirror checks every 3 seconds, speedo check…etc But what it has made me is a better driver. Although I am still driving around 80 (100kmh is just too much of a push at the moment) I feel as though I am safer and more controlled on the road. 

But…driving at 80 makes other people frustrated…they sit right on my tail, they flash their lights and beep their horns. I'm not sure what they think that will achieve…I don't take any notice…other than to take a deep breath and ignore them. I also use to get a bit frustrated when people didn't drive the speed limit, but I would always keep a safe distance. 

When you are that person, who is frustrated…just remember that if I were to stop suddenly…you would most likely crash into the back of me, endangering both of us. Will getting to where you are going 1minute earlier help you on your journey? Probably not. If it will, YOU haven't allowed yourself enough time to get there. So YOU need to leave earlier to allow for any minor delays. 

I want to make you aware that you have no idea what someone has been through or is going through. Not just in regards to driving, but that's what my example is tonight. I drive at 80kmh because I had a high speed car accident where I was told that I could of died and am still physically recovering from. You aren't meant to know what everyone is going through, but have some empathy and respect for other people. 

Next time someone is driving more slowly than you like, or has pulled over in an awkward position, or needs to stop suddenly - stop and ask yourself why. They may be having a terrible day or are unwell or…(the options are endless) But it will make you less grumpy at the fact AND make you a more curtious and safe driver. 

An accident can happen to anyone - that's why they are called an accident. But if you can lessen your chances by driving safely, respectfully and by knowing the road rules - why wouldn't you? Something I have learnt is that saying "it won't happen to me" is ludicrous, and whilst something like this may not affect you directly, chances of it affecting a family member or close friend are quite high. 

Be the person that you want to see on the road. If we all drive this way, hopefully we will see less accidents. Stay off your phone, focus on driving not on what you need to cook for dinner and remember that there are other people on the road who may be affected by your unsafe driving. 

A heavy topic for tonight, but hopefully worthwhile. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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