Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 53

"There are only two times in life: Now and Too Late". A fantastic book and a must read. 

The progress of accepting that we are mortal and so is everyone around you, is a challenging one. This book talks about not putting off the things that you want to do in life, because there really is only now or too late. We worry about what people think and there always seems to be something that holds us back from truly doing what we want to. 


Why? Why wait? If you knew that tomorrow was going to be 'too late' for everything what would you do / say / how would you act? I touched on this topic shortly after my accident. I don't say any of this to be morbid or to draw attention to the fact that we could die tomorrow. I say this because we are forever putting things off - I'll Call 'Mary' tomorrow, I'll arrange to visit my family in Scotland sometime, one day I'll move somewhere warm, I'll get there eventually... But we never seem to do it do we?!


I know that if it's not in my diary - it doesn't happen. My diary is colour coded. Pink= personal (appointments, birthdays, family time etc), Green = Nutrimetics, Orange = Playful Paws, Blue = Disability work etc. I have really started to abide by this - at the beginning of the week I reevaluate - what needs to be done, where can I do it etc. 

There are 6 aspects of your life that you need to consider:
1. Family & Home
2. Financial & Career
3. Spiritual & ethical
4. Physical & Health
5. Social & Cultural
6. Mental & Educational

No one can do any one thing 100%. What you can do though is apply yourself 100% at the time you are completing the task (whatever that may be). What is important to reflect on each area of your life. There is inevitably at least one area that is suffering. When I sat down (I actually just found them) 12 months ago to reflect on these areas, I noticed that 3. and 1. were lacking the most. I was driven, applied myself to training, to self-paced learning, to furthering my career & visiting friends but what I really lacked, was the downtime and spending quality time with family. 


I recommend sitting down and looking at the different areas of your life and working out which ones lack and working out how you can boost it up. I'm not saying cram more into the day, but be aware of where you are at and where you want to be. Perhaps this is writing individual goals for each of them. I know a lot of my friends are mothers and the comment so often said is "I don't have any time for myself" my answer would simply be to "find time" what good are you if you are not able to look after yourself. 


To have time for yourself may be to have a shower and sing along to your favourite song. Make a permanent lunch date with your grandma, have a family movie night, have a cooking day, read a self-help book, and DREAM! And put an action plan in place. :) Good Luck!

...Until Tomorrow xox

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