Friday, July 18, 2014

Day 48 - the "event" cycle

I find the lead up to events really fun…until about 2 hours before. Then I seem to hit a wall, feel like a nap and have a little hissy fit. Then at the event I'm pumped and have a ball. Until it gets past my bedtime then I get exhausted!! 

It's an interesting cycle. I love the preparation. Sometimes I think that's why I would be good at event management. Organise the event for someone else!! Nah…I do enjoy them! 
Thank god for family to step in and help calm you when clothes don't look right, to make you eat, to bounce ideas off and help you prepare! :) 

I had a blast when I got to my event tonight…160women all dressed in pyjamas dancing crazily around a hall to raise money for cancer research. Lots of money was raised for a beautiful event. Makes the hissy fits and frantic organising all worth it! :)

Getting through events and realising that your hard work and time was worth putting into it, is an amazing feeling. I think that at times we focus a lot on the little details - 'micro-managing' the problems that will iron themselves out over the course of the event. But the focus should be on the overall event. When I was preparing tonight, I was fluffing about…then I put together my display (beautifully of course) and was worried if I had enough things on display, was anyone going to look…etc Then I stopped and really looked around…at the bigger picture…there were 160 (ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY!!!) women all together laughing, drinking, telling dirty jokes, partying and making friends. All in the name of cancer research. When I looked at it that way, I stopped worrying about the little things, and really wanted the whole night to be a success. Which it was! :) 

I have to keep this one short (as technically I'm already into day 49!!) because I'm knackered! :) 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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