Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day 36

How amazing is it to hear from an old friend. Someone you haven't heard from in years! And you pick up where you left off. And you know the best thing? It doesn't matter why people call - they may be asking your help, have a question, be reminiscing, or just calling because they found your number. 

It's lovely to have the ability to chat and not be judgemental. It's great! And it makes you realise that you can make an impact on everyone that crosses your path. Which gets you onto thinking about the type of person you would like to be when someone calls out of the blue. What impact did you make on someone? Was it a good one? 

It's funny, as much as we all don't like to be judgemental or form opinions of someone when we meet - first impressions do count! I mean, isn't that what attracts you to talk to someone? I don't mean looks, I mean attitude and their overall charisma (?) I can't find the right word. It's that thing that draws you toward someone. I look at it being a inner confidence - someone that is happy with who they are and what they stand for. 

I can talk to anyone (most people who know me know that!!) and it really comes down to interest and how someone holds themselves (age, sex, economic status, clothes etc are irrelevant). I may not agree with everything they believe in, however I would rather have a discussion with someone who understands their own morals than someone who is lost, or bends toward what you believe (the 'yes' people). 

The most important thing is being ok with who you are and believing in yourself. We all have our own morals and they may differ from the next person but if you are happy and comfortable with them you will attract the type of people you want in your life. And leave a positive impact on the people that cross your path.

…Until Tomorrow xox 

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