Monday, July 28, 2014

Day 58 - Small Daily Changes

I just read an article about what we should "STOP" doing. ( Really interesting and a good read. However what caught me the most was the word choices in it...STOP. I think we underestimate the power of our word choices. I know I am extremely careful in how I phrase things, both to myself and to others. 

So where can we "Start" doing? And what are good word choices. Because what you say to yourself over and over you will believe and achieve (whether negative or positive). It is also the first impression that you make to others. The other thing that is probably good to mention here is that age old...

So after 58 days of writing this, and being conscious of being happy and finding joy in little things, I have worked out that reading, writing and saying good, positive quotes and mantras is fantastic. But it's the belief and action that truly let things fall into place and fully make sense. And achieving this is much easier said than done. (Especially when you realise there is SO much we "shouldn't" do).  

Lets start small. Small daily changes will add up to big changes, and eventually it will feel 'normal' to be positive, let things go more easily, be happy - or whatever the many things in life to achieve you decide to embark on. It can start with the words you use. Instead of always saying "I can't" figure out a way to say it in a more productive or positive light. Such as "I can't run a marathon" into "I will work towards running a marathon". Where you are right now and where you want to be are two different points and are always within grasp. 

To use the marathon example (as I think about this often at the moment, as I am physically unable to run..) when you decide to run a marathon, do you go out that day and run 42km? Or do you break it down into small daily steps such as 2 short runs, a long run and a swim er week? And build up to a marathon? That's how I would do it. 

Making life changes such as the ones we're talking about today are like a marathon. Unfortunately you won't wake up tomorrow and be all of the things you want - less judgmental, more accepting and loving etc. But you can wake up with a different attitude, and make one small change - which could be to smile at yourself in the mirror, or spend the first five minutes of the day thinking about what you have (your 'gratefuls') and then praise yourself for completing it. "I'm proud of the change I have made today" - realising that if you continue to work at it, your end goal will move closer and become more and more a reality. 

Be kind and gentle to yourself, some days will be fantastic and others will be harder. And that's ok.

...Until Tomorrow xox

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