Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 49 - reliving positive moments

There are times in life that you want or need to repeat over and over. I am a hopeless romantic (as discussed previously) and just had to rewatch a scene in greys anatomy where a guy had a flash mob to propose to his girlfriend. It was really cute and sweet. And a feel good moment (some may roll their eyes and say it's "mushy" - but we all see these moments in something…could be watching romantic moments, laughing hard at a comedy, watching animal documentaries, or car renos…)

We often waste the time replaying the 'not positive' scenes in our own live. You all know the ones…where you worry about whether you should of said something differently, or did you say something that offended someone, or was your behaviour terrible, or did you remember  to do everything correctly, or that part of the speech you missed, or the fact you said 'um' 50 times in a sentence, or that you didn't do something that you said you would, or the time in the race you entered was no where near your best…the list goes on. Yes we are very good at being our own worst critics, not so good at reliving the positive, fun moments. 

Why is it that the positive moments are replayed fleetingly, the negative ones are marathons? Played over and over? Just what would happen if we reversed that? Instead of wasting our time on what went wrong or what we could of done differently and on what went right and how awesome we were? :) 

I like to think of our memories as movie reels..we should access and rewatch them…or we'll forget them. If we only focus on the negative ones, we'll only remember those ones. A bit like everything else in life, if we practice enough we will see the positives in every moment.

I had the best day / night today. Spent time with mum and dad. Then tonight made pizzas, watched a movie and had facials with my sister, niece and nephew. These are one of the moments I want to relive. The fun ones, the ones that will make you giggle and smile when you think of them!

So I hope you have all made some of those memories this weekend and can practice reliving them! :)

…Until Tomorrow xox

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