Sunday, July 13, 2014

Day 43 - Facing your Fears

Today I had another MRI on my neck. This was by far one of the scariest ones. It reminded me of being on the spinal board and hence the accident itself - even though it was 2 ½ months ago.. I had my lovely mum and dad that came with me to support me and the help from a little tablet. I got through it, after a little hiccup and recomposing myself..then visualising my dream of being in Africa. Yes for that 30min MRI I was in Africa - the hot sun, sand everywhere, blue skies, mosquitos, beautiful animals, hiking boots…yep I was painting the full picture. 

Facing your fears - whether they are a physical one - like mine today; being confined in a machine and not able to move, or of something specific; flying, spiders or something abstract like failure, others judging you, is challenging. And no matter how many times you  face your fears, they will always be challenging and some require ongoing work. Some you face are on a daily basis or some are once every so often.

The courage needed to face your fears comes from within - no one can make you do it. But what's important to remember is that it's ok to ask for help - and that people are willing to help you in whatever way they can, to help you face your fears and overcome them. I know today I couldn't of done it without the support of my family and the lovely texts from my friends…and my stubbornness that "It's only an MRI and will be over soon". 

There is an amazing book "Feel the Fear and do it anyway" - definitely worth a read. How exhilarating is it to do something that you have been putting off? It could be asking someone to catch up, applying for a new job, doing something you have never done. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in a small way everyday will lead you to start living and really finding awesome results in your life. 

What are you going to do tomorrow to push your boundaries? 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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