Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 46 - "The Lows"

Life is a roller coaster  How often do we hear that? And what exactly does it mean? Life has highs and lows. We all know how to ride the highs, and love the feeling of everything working well and going to plan! But how do you deal with things when they don't go right? The "lows" of life? 

Knowing that life will pick up and you will get to the 'high' again is said so often. It can be easier said than done sometimes, right? Dealing productively with the lows, knowing they will be over seems to allude most of us at times..we either give up on what we are working at, think that everyone is against us and it's all too hard, perhaps it's not for you or the best excuse…I don't think I'll try because I'll never be good at it. 

Dealing with lows will define how you progress. Will you continue on to success? Or will you stop and change path - or give up? If you're why and reason is big enough, your determination will push you to get back on top. If you can pick yourself back up and realise when things don't go to plan, you will either work harder (and more wisely) to get to where you want to be) or realise there is a new plan in pace for you.  

What has helped me the most are:
1. Having a dream to work toward
2. Allowing yourself to have 'low' moment 
3. Reading positive quotes 
4. Surrounding yourself with positive people
5. Doing something fun for yourself
6. Breaking things down into small steps
7. Have a bath!
8. Write it all down.
..amoung a few!

There's many things you can do to help work towards the highs again. But the biggest thing is realising that things do get better.

…Until Tomorrow xox

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