Thursday, August 21, 2014

Day 82

Today reminded me of the importance to set aside time for family. It was my mums birthday today, and was extra special. She is an inspiration to me, strong, decisive, amazing, smart and beautiful. She is who I wish to grow up to be like.  Which got me onto thinking about parents. The things that they sacrifice for us, what they put up with (especially during adolescence!), and the unwaivering support, love, kindness and the proudness for your life journey.

It’s not until you get older and start to form more of a friendship with your parents that you begin to really appreciate and truly love them.  And have the ability to be all of the things that they have been for us – proud of their accomplishments, excited for their new adventures and interested in their past adventures!

Give your parents a hug and tell them that you appreciate them. Have adventures with them and encourage them to do what they have always wanted!!

…Until Tomorrow xox

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