Friday, August 15, 2014

Day 76

Today I had a long journey driving to Seymour from home (about 5 ½ hours) with a few visits in there too. It was actually a fun day. I had Buddy with me, so he's had a big day too! What was really interesting I found was the difference in peoples attitudes and demeanour. 

The closer I got to the city, the more frantic, in a hurry and preoccupied people were. The were avoiding eye contact, completely oblivious to what was going on around them…and mobile phones everywhere!! I was shocked with how self interested people were. It was so interesting sitting in peak hour traffic - watching the stress levels increase and people beeping their horns, tapping their steering could feel the stress and urgency in the air. 

I am very use to living in the country, in a small community where people look at you in the eye, smile and acknowledge you. And where for the most part people watch where they go and the best bit…the drivers wave! Oh I love seeing how many drivers wave at me as I go along…definitely lessens the closer I get to the city.

Particularly relevant in peak hour traffic!

How interesting that it seems that the more people there are around the more we become self interested and occupied with our own tasks that we forget to look out for others. Even to look around in peak hour traffic and smile at the person sitting next to you in the car..

…Until Tomorrow

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