Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 87

Conforming to what people 'think' we should be or do is an interesting concept. To paint a picture of a 'expected' 30 year old - tends to have a partner, be settling down, has a house and / or mortgage, may have kids, a career and be generally settled (Please note that this is purely as an example). Now I know that as time is evolving things change and we are moving more into a society where the career 'woman' is more accepted. Now when you are not these things - there is always a question of what next. 

For example, you're single - 'when will you find someone'?
You've found someone - 'when are you getting married'? 
You get married - 'when are you having kids'? 

It's so interesting how much people feel they can have input on your life - on what they think or expect your life to be. So for a single, unattached, easy-going girl, the questions are often endless. Or what is probably worse - assumed. I was asked the other day how old my kids were…(I don't have any kids) - I replied that my dog was 3 ½ and left it at that. It's so easy nowadays to be so judgemental and quick to pass comments toward someone else's choices in life. But realistically they're the times when we should be quiet. Just because someone is all of those 'expected' things, does not mean they are happy or fulfilled. 

By pushing people to be something they are not, you are only helping to increase their unhappiness. It is interesting when you become happy and settled with who you are (regardless of if it is the 'expected' life, or something different) what other people think and say and the effort to force you to conform to their ideas becomes almost comical. Because when you are truely happy (from the inside) nothing anyone says or does will be able to change the journey of your life. 

It's back to knowing who you are. Find out what makes you happy, or feels 'right' and do that. The one thing I have learnt is sometimes when you do what makes you happy you loose people from your life. But that's ok - you may of learnt from them what you needed to along your journey. The other thing is, no one single person will ever have EXACTLY the same goal / meaning of happiness. So what is right for one, will not be for another. 

Here is where it gets fun! Get in touch with the inner you, find what drives you, what makes you have butterflies, makes you giggle, makes you do a happy dance around the kitchen. And work towards it! If you already have it..AWESOME! Sit and appreciate it!

…Until Tomorrow xox

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