Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day 81

81 days in. Wow! Would you believe it if I said I was running out of things to write about?! Nup! I wouldn't either! Once I start you can't stop me! Today was an interesting day, I was so sleepy this morning, so I decided to skip a swim. A challenging thing for me to do, but I am proud I listened to myself! :) 

But I was scattered today! Struggled to hold a conversation without getting distracted many times, told people things I have told them before and couldn't keep track of the tasks in my dog training classes, and got the giggles during class!! But I got through the day with a smile on my face and got home to a happy waggily puppy! I also got a Nutrimetics delivery and it felt like Christmas while I was sitting on the floor packing it up! :) 

What a day. And now I'm trying to write something and keep getting distracted "shiny object's". So..instead of continuing to write about who knows what I'm going to leave today with a few quotes!

…Until Tomorrow xox

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