Friday, August 15, 2014

Day 75

My apologies for this being late! I was having some technical difficulties! Now I’ve gotten so sleepy figuring out the difficulties I can hardly focus on what I was going to write about!

I have decided tonight to stop and reflect on this blog so far. For me it has been an amazing journey and one that has been fun to share. But what has pleasantly surprised and honored me is the response that I have had from it. People have shared with me the impact that it has had on their life, the changes they have made, or even acknowledging similar situations within their own lives.

It’s truly beautiful to be able help people whilst also helping myself! And please keep sharing the positive change that you have been making, I love hearing the successes and the challenges that you face.

I realized today that the simple act of sharing my ‘ah ha’ moments and my journey has enabled me to get back in touch with who I really am. And now that I have refound that, I will not loose sight of it again! In summary so far I have learnt the importance of meditation, how to use your time wisely so there is no reason to be too “busy”, to make sure you schedule time in for the important stuff.. and most importantly SMILE, LAUGH and HAVE FUN while you work solidly and successfully toward your dreams! J

…Until Tomorrow xox

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