Saturday, August 9, 2014

Day 70

Today I was told that I need to practice what I preach!! Heheh! But how true is it? We can write or say many things, but it is the doing that speaks volumes. And that sometimes we need a little help to do those things, even if we feel we already are!! I was sent this quote the other day, it's along the same tune as my favourite joke…

Hehe! It's hilarious isn't it? I love it!! And sometimes we need to take quotes like these that make us giggle to turn our mood around and help us to stop taking life so seriously! I think the ability to take the pressure off yourself and realise that your dreams happen with work and dedication, but that you also need to be gentle with yourself. Good things are worth working for, but we can't let the 'what ifs' get in he way and cloud our judgement.

Getting caught up in worrying about what may or may not happen in the future is actually taking away time, energy and our positivity towards achieving our dreams. So next time you start worry about the 'what ifs' just take a few moments to regroup, imagine achieving your goals and dreams then get stuck back into it!

And the best piece of advice…

 …Until Tomorrow xox

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