Monday, August 18, 2014

Day 79

Wow! What a day! Spent the morning with my bestie, long drive back home, then to top it off...a funfilled Nutrimetics evening!! Amazing! 

The good thing about today, with so much thinking time whilst driving, was that I have remotivated myself in some of the areas that I have let slip or just cruise by and not actively do anything. So I have spent the last few minutes doing things that I keep putting off - sending emails, writing a to do list for tomorrow, organising my dairy etc. 

I was reminded the other day about the time management seminar I attended a while back..where when you have a short time frame you get more done. So we should give ourselves a shorter time frame more frequently. I am putting this in place from tomorrow. I have always had a list for everything. But now its going to be a list that is achievable and on a shorter time frame!

Then  the awesome feeling of having completed the list!! :) Each night...along with my grateful journal and blog I am going to write a to do list for the next day. 

It's late now..have a good sleep!!

...Until Tomorrow xox

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