Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day 64

I am ok with the fact that today is a grumpy pants day! I woke up with a cold, which was frustrating mostly because I had a date with mum to watch the mentalist! So I just stayed in. I made some soup, did some washing, hung with buddy. Didn't talk to anyone for ages. Except when my lovely mum bought me a soy chai! Yummo!! :) 

I got some more energy about 1630 when I brought the washing in, it wasn't quite dry, so I wash hanging it over some stools and thought…this makes an awesome cubby!! So I added another chair and some cushions and whala! A cute little cubby for one! Then I crawled in giggling and played my ukulele. The energy soon dwindled and I needed a rest on the couch. But the excitement at doing something fun for no reason remained. And was the first thing I spoke about when my best friend rang!!

So even when you're not feeling the best, you can still have a laugh and a mini adventure (even if you don't leave the house!!) 

A little cramped in my cubby with my ukulele! 

I have a blocked head (if that makes sense) so not sure actually how much of my blog tonight will make any sense!! I just have to share a funny story. I have been craving rice pudding all day, so I finally got the recipe from mum about 6pm. I started cooking it then. First batch, the milk curdled. 2nd batch was uncooked after 80minutes, so I put it in the microwave for 20minutes, then back into the oven. I just checked it then…completely burnt! And STILL uncooked!! All I can do is laugh. Oh what an adventurous day!! :) 

Just in case you didn't know!
Hope you have all had an adventurous sunday too!

…Until Tomorrow xox

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