Sunday, August 10, 2014

Day 71

Wow!! Today I started at the gym. I had that internal battle, where the little negative side was saying "you're not as good as you used to be" and the positive side saying "You've made a lot of improvements and at least you'll continue to get better and improve". So while they were battling it out I did what I could the best I could. 

Then…(drumroll please…) I drove to Traralgon..1.5hour drive - the longest I have driven myself since my accident!! Whoop!! So proud of myself! And I had a positive reinforcement at the end - lunch with 2 of my longest known friends! Beautiful! We had lunch / dinner / afternoon tea at a tapas restaurant! Was awesome! We had a course every hour!! :) Yummo!! 

Isn't it funny how we focus so much on what we aren't or can't be doing that we loose sight of what we do have?? Today made me realise that you're never going to completely stop the internal arguments that you have, but you can let them battle it out and continue to do what feels right. And eventually your choice will be rewarded. 

I think balance is the key. Comparing yourself to how you use to be can be a good motivator, but if you focus too much, can become a negative focus. So use your comparisons wisely and perhaps look from yesterday to today, rather than 3 months ago to today. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

P.S. Make sure you laugh and smile often!! 

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