Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day 66

What an interesting day. It's great when you open yourself up to new and different experiences what you actually see. I had to go down to Melbourne again to see the foot specialist - I'm lucky I have such a beautiful sister who drove the whole way! :) I woke today with excitement - regardless of the outcome I was going to get answers…and I was still excited about last night!!

So we had some chats then we hit peak hour traffic on the monash and cranked up some music "All my life" by K C and Jo Jo! And got into it. Was hilarious! Car dancing and Soul singing!! :) Having quite a few strange looks for other cars around us. But it got the energy pumping!! 

Scrap home alone and add ANYWHERE!!

We then had to wait in the X-ray waiting room for quite awhile. I was taken through had X-rays - then to a different waiting room for my CT. There I came across a man who started telling me his story. Amazing gentleman. He had fought 4 different types of cancers - and won! He was there with unfortunate news of it reoccurring, but listening to him talk you would never think he wasn't well. He was positive, grateful, taking each day as a day that cancer didn't win and live life to it's fullest. 

We all hear stories like this, but I think since I've had my accident, coming across people who do have challenges and are strong and rise above them is a blessing. Seeing the strength and beauty in people it's something that unless you open yourself up to it and really appreciate it, will slip by you.

I then went back to the waiting room for the films..and waited..and waited..became delirious..and waited..then..I got the giggles, big time. I have a hearty chuckle and when I get going its a quiet one where you can hardly breathe. People were looking strangely at me - the more they looked at me, the more I laughed. It's funny. People were averting gaze, looking embarrassed and almost disgusted that I was laughing in a hospital X-ray waiting room. I wonder why we are drilled to be quiet and somber in such situations. Food for thought and I could expand further…but I need to get to bed!

I'll write more about results etc. tomorrow! Lets just say a few more adventures were had!! 

Until Tomorrow xox

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