Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 85

Stuff. We put so much emphasis on Stuff. What stuff I hear you ask? Exactly. I was standing in line waiting for my cuppa today and I overheard a conversation from a couple of young guys talking about the new 'xbox' or some gaming system that's coming out and how they had to get it as soon as it is released. It was interesting to think about what happens to their 'old' one. I mean really what is the difference? Do you always need newer, faster, smarter, better? 

Which got me on to thinking about how we live in a consumer driven society. Where 'new' things are viewed so strongly as positive. And if someone says "I have an old couch" images of ripped, torn, stained, cat scratched, stuffing falling out cushions come to mind. I am not really like that - nor ever have been. When I was talking to mum and dad today, I realised I have never bought a tv! (They have all been given to me!) 

It's actually hard to say to someone that is intent on always getting new, shiny things, that you just received a 'new-old tv'. Or that you got given a perfectly good leather rocking chair (thanks dad!). That to walk into someones house where things aren't matching or don't look like they have come out of House magazine are because you don't have money or have no choice about the items you do have. It's always nice to get something new and fresh, but what I am also saying is that sometimes it's good to look for things that add character. I love looking at garage sales, at op shops and markets. Up-cycling is a new fad at the moment and I am sooo excited that new things are being made spunky out of 'old' things. 

Just because I don't have a brand new TV or couch may mean I choose to spend my money on other things and actually like the historical story behind my 'old' things. 

Next time you are looking to revamp your colour scheme or need something new at home - try up-cycling. Get something that may be old and turn it into something different and exciting. It could be using a tea cup and making it into a candle, or using your old cutlery set to make a wind chime, or using rims of tyres and a piece of glass to make a coffee table. Have some fun and be creative!! :) 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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