Thursday, August 7, 2014

Day 68

"It's not about how many 
breaths you take, but the 
moments that take your 
breath away" Hitch

I was watching Hitch the other day, an interesting film about a matchmaker who helps people get over their initial awkwardness at meeting the girl of their dreams and giving them the skills to date them. Helping them to see their positive and good attributes and giving them confidence to be themselves. How beautiful is that? An interesting way to go about it, but effective. 

We are all so quick to comment on the negatives in other people, and shoot down someone else. Do you ever talk about the positives you see in someone to someone else? Or do you focus on what they didn't do or how something they said had a negative effect on us. If we all focussed more on seeing the positives in people and helping them to see them too we would all actually be a lot happier. 

I have learnt that everyone is fighting their own battles and no matter how 'together' someone might seem, they are battling their own insecurities, and are probably really hard on themselves and only see the negatives. We are our own worst critic and whatever you may of said wouldn't be as bad as something that has already gone through our own head. So really we only need positive thoughts or if you must…make it constructive criticism. 

Next time you are having a conversation with someone…stop, have a it helpful? Is it positive? Or are you highlighting the negatives of someone else? If you are, what reflection does that have on you? 



…Until Tomorrow xox

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