Saturday, August 2, 2014

Day 63

So happy to be warm inside after spending a few hours at a Garden show freezing! The wind was so icy! What I found interesting today was a complimentary draw. People were sceptical and didn't want to enter a draw that they didn't have to pay for. Was that because they thought it was cheap? Or that "nothing in life is free"? Or simply that they didn't want to? It would be an interesting survey! I know that if I can enter something, I will! Especially if I don't need to pay anything!! 

Talking to some other store holders was really fascinating. They faced similar problems, where people would glance at the store then quickly look away and walk off..I'm not sure what they thought would happen? That they would get abducted? Human behaviour is interesting! I gave this some more thought as the day went on. The choice of jam on scones was predominantly raspberry. Averting gaze if they don't want to talk with someone. Pretending to be on their phone. Rushing past and not stopping to look. Hesitant to spend money.

Then I started looking at the kids. Running around. Laughing. Conniving. Spending their pocket money. Entering their name in as many drawers as possible. Smiling at friends. Waving at class mates. Eating fairy floss. Jumping on the castle. 

What happens during our life journey, where that changes?! Where do we start thinking that we can't have fun, or look people in the eye. What fear is associated with that? Are we scared of getting 'conned' into something? It's so fascinating. I am also one that struggled to say no, now I have learnt "why not"? Have a go, enter into something because you can, try something you haven't before. If it doesn't work out, you can always say you're not interested next time!!

Go and be childlike and have fun!!  :) 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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