Friday, August 1, 2014

Day 62

What a crazy day! Windy, stormy and freezing! I hope everyone stayed safe and warm! I had a lovely lunch out with my mum, sister and niece, a ladies luncheon! :) Then I was able to pamper a few beautiful women with facials! Now I'm snuggled in, hanging with Buddy and mum. 

It's appreciating the little things that is so important in life! And realising what these are when they're happening is refreshing and beautiful!! :)  

Today is simple, 'little' if you like, appreciating these moments! I have been given a challenge to write down 4 things a day that you are proud of / like / done well. And then the hardest thing..looking in the mirror and saying it out loud. Slowly teaching you to be appreciative of all of the little things that make you, you! Give it a go…if you dare!! 

 …Until Tomorrow xox

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