Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 88

I had an interesting conversation today about my blog and what to write about tonight and I got excited and used all of my ideas while we were talking! Albeit only one person has now heard them, and not the other people that read this! But still. I like to have something a bit different and fresh (even if it's for myself!). 

We got onto talking about animal cruelty. This is a huge passion of mine, and is one thing (and probably one of the only things) that really gets me fired up and angry. And I can talk for days about the subject and the changes that could be made in society to prevent this for reoccurring. When my friend suggested I write about that topic tonight, my first thought was 'no' mainly because this blog is focussed on positive and building your passions and self development and awareness.

But then I got on to thinking. That even when we are thinking positive most the time, there is still room for other feelings. In actual fact it would be almost naive to think that you can only ever feel one thing at any one moment in time, or only EVER just be positive. Unfortunately the nature of our minds is complex and sometimes multiple feelings or thoughts will happen at once! And as I've mentioned once before, allowing yourself to feel whatever you are feeling at the time is so so important. 

So how can you turn something as negative as animal cruelty into something to learn from and to take a positive slant? I'm not exactly sure how. But my first response when I wrote that then, was education. The more that ourselves and the wider community are educated, the higher chance we have of reducing it occurring - even if only on a smaller level. 

I have never been one to preach my belief systems onto people, and I don't want to start now. But when we think about animal cruelty - what does that exactly mean? What can we do in our day-to-day life that can assist? The answer could be as simple as buying eggs from the local farm (diminishing the support to large cage hen farms), or buying your meat from the local butcher (not supporting live export) or reporting animals that you think are being mistreated. 

I think the small changes we can make - including raising the next generations to respect animals - will make a difference on a bigger scale! (What if everyone bought their eggs locally - there would be no need to have hens kept in horrible conditions). Which got me onto thinking about education on a broader scale with any topic. Realistically a lot of problems and bad habits would become less of a problem if we started at the beginning with education. 

So I think along with our 'gratefuls' and our positive thoughts about ourselves we should spend a few minutes every day educating ourselves.. On anything - then sharing what you have learnt with anyone that crosses your path that day. For example - male dogs are 6.2% more likely to bite a human than females. Lets create a community that shares knowledge, awareness and passions. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

PS No pictures this blog !! :)

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