Sunday, August 31, 2014

Day 91

'There's always a silver lining, 
it's just sometimes you have to look harder 
to find it'. 

I was thinking a lot about this today. I had a fantastic day, sun was shining, I got to give three beautiful ladies a facial and have a big laugh while doing so! I caught up with a friend for a chai and visited mum and dad! It was beautiful. When I came home from this active day I started to do some spring cleaning and whilst doing so spent a lot of time reflecting on the past few months. 

It occurred to me that I often will say "Since the accident…" or "After the accident" when referring to a lot of changes in my behaviour. My friend joked today that I should say "BA" for before accident and "AA" after accident! Because for me, I look at the world through very different eyes now, where I use to see negatives I now look for the positives and when I was striving to be more successful, more fit, more healthy, more, more more.. I now realise that you can only be who you are at any given point and to be happy with that. 

The one thing that I find interesting in human behaviour, is the need to compare and measure yourself against others. Which is so fascinating, because it has been proven that no two people are alike - even identical twins. So there is actually no feasible way to be like someone else. I think what is a better way of looking at it is to identify what attribute it is that draws you to that person - such as their dedication, or their excitement or passion, and work on self development in those areas. 

The other thing I realised today is that two (or more) people can be trained exactly the same way, be given exactly the same information, but be able to present it very differently. That's because we are all different. If you try to present the information in a way that you are not comfortable with because Sally down the hall does it that way and gets heaps better results, you will look awkward and be self conscious and people will be less inclined to take in the information you are presenting. 

So with silver linings, we get so caught up in day to day living that when something untoward happens we look at the negatives and what is NOT happening. For example with me it was "I can not run my marathon" and "I can't go to work" and "I don't have a car" etc. But when you allow yourself to stop and reflect, there are so many things to be grateful for. Most of the time all you need to to is swing it around i.e. can't work, becomes "I now have the opportunity to catch up on things I previously didn't have time for" and "I can spend quality time with the family".

Sometimes the silver lining is harder to see though. For me, that has been around exercise. I was fit and healthy, running 30+kms a week, going to gym and classes and swimming.. To have that taken away from me was a big blow. I can only manage to find small positives, which is better than none. They are 'I can now take the time to work on technique' and 'when I start running again I can learn how to run properly'. It still doesn't soften the blow much. And as I've said before…that's ok. Its not about being perfect or having all of the answers, it's about being able to identify things and sit with them. 

Wow! Lots to say tonight! 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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