Sunday, August 17, 2014

Day 78

Crossing paths with people from the past is like making new friends with old acquaintances. And what’s better is you don’t need to start from scratch with a friendship!! J

So this weekend was a great chance for me to rekindle some friendships, have a laugh and visit friends that have always been there. It’s interesting as you get older you seem to streamline your friends, having less, but more quality. But there is something to be said with continuing to open up your heart to meet new people.

Everyone that crosses your path will do so for a reason, and you will learn so much from them. Even if it’s a painful relationship (referring to friendships as well) whilst you’re in it, you will look back and learn something from it. You could learn what people you don’t want to have in your life, it may give you the strength to believe in yourself and stand by what you believe in AND most importantly it may open doors for a new and better relationship.

And then sometimes the most positive relationships still don’t last forever and perhaps leave you even more heart broken. But they too may only have been in your life for a reason. To teach you something. So take from every person you meet something that will help you along your life journey. For when you are looking and making an impact on others lives, they too are taking something from your interaction to have an impact on their life. So compliment someone, and look for the good thing in everyone!

…Until Tomorrow xox

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