Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 83

Blame, Shame or Justify. 

Something I was introduced to at a Nutrimetics event about a year ago. An interesting concept to make you accountable for your actions. Generally we feel the need to either blame or shame someone or justify our behaviour. So for example if you run late to an appointment you may say "Sorry I'm late, the traffic was really bad" (justify) or "Sorry I'm late, I was stuck behind a really bad driver" (Blame) or "Sorry I'm late, I got out of the wrong side of bed, and everything is taking me so long and…." (Shame). 

By Blaming, Shaming or justifying your behaviour, you are giving away your inner power. You are adopting a 'victim mentality'. Where you are giving your power away to other circumstances. And what is more interesting is that when you say "Oh I'm having one of those days" that instead of asking "what is good about your day" in society we feed the "why? what's wrong". So we are assisting each other to maintain a victim mentality rather than empowering each other to take control of our actions. 

So next time you find yourself in a position when you need to offer an explanation instead of 'blaming, shaming or justifying', take accountability and say "I'm sorry I'm late, I didn't allow enough time". It is an amazing feeling when you start to take accountability. Your confidence increases, you don't need to think about an "excuse" and you loose the guilty feeling. Initially it's a hard change, as we are so use to offering a reason, if you MUST offer something then say something like "Sorry I'm late, I didn't allow enough time to get here". Some people may continue to ask you why and push you for a reason, but that is where you can practice holding your ground and continue to be accountable. 

This is something that requires work and help to do so. So engage your friends and hold each other accountable too!! :) Increase your self power, take action to stop your 

Good Luck!

…Until Tomorrow xox

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