Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 90

I thought I would share some of my mind wanderings from today:

1. It's best not to continue singing out loud to yourself whilst knocking on a strangers door.

2. The hilarity of being busted at a traffic light singing a song out loud when you don't know the words.

3. Sometimes getting out of bed when it's cold should be something you can tick off your to do list. 

4. Fitting in a family visit, no matter how short will make your day feel complete. 

5. Its important to revisit something that you said you would do to see if you've actually done it!

6. Give your dog a little bit of the couch and you'll be sitting on the floor in no time. 

7. How long should you wait between knocks on the door, if you know they are home?

8. Completing a jigsaw puzzle can be very addictive. 

9. I  think you actually loose some of your smartness by watching some reality TV the bachelor. 

10. Ants are so amazing - they haul their find to their nest (at least I think thats where they go, or they might scoff it off and end up like us on Christmas day) and then come back from more, without even changing pace!

11. We should all have some of kids lack of humility and be a little more honest with each other. 

12. Dreams can come true. Just watch a Disney film if you need inspiration. 

13. Forgetting to meditate (haha thats an oxymoron!) sets you up for a scattered day. 

14. Oooh…apparently what I spoke about a few weeks ago 'shiny object' is actually a syndrome! After reading the definition, I am self-diagnosing myself!!!

15. Its important not to get worried by the fact the 
fuel attendant knows your name when it is emblazoned 
on the front of your chest. 

16. What would happen if suddenly the world lost power and all the computers crashed? Would people know how to survive without it? 

17. By saying yes to something you never know what opportunities will come from it. 

18. Saying "I'll do that tomorrow" is equivalent to "I'll do it when I have nothing else to do" and therefore it never getting done. So do it now!

19. Hugs make you smile and feel good. A Hug a day will keep the apples that's not right is it…A Hug a day will keep the Blues away! :) 

20. Thinking about doing something, does not count as doing something…therefore you cannot tick it off as being done!!

21. A cup of tea may not solve your problems, but it will quench your thirst.


Oh there are still so many thoughts running around my head to talk about! But I have to save some for later!!

…Until Tomorrow xox

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