Saturday, August 16, 2014

Day 77

What an awesome day! I am on holidays! A weekend away spending it with a good friend! Adventures to be had! We went to a chocolate factory - how many ways you can have chocolate?!! Wow was soooo busy - I guess chocolate is popular?!! 

Was so fun to enjoy a hot chocolate and the beautiful view, and 'people watch' everyone seemed relaxed and not in a rush! :) We ate so much though! I bought some peppermint tea, although I'm not sure chocolate should be mixed through tea…we'll see if it grows on me!! :) 

Then we went to a little local pizza shop and had the best pizza I think I have ever had, they use a lot of their own grown ingredients! And I had a wine - it was funny that is the first time in a long time I have actually felt like a drink. Which brought back a memory of someone I met on my travels - who refused to 'label' himself as anything, because it would limit him and then if he did do it he would feel guilty. So he was 'mostly vegetarian' and occasionally drank and smoke. What a true fact though, if you label yourself as not doing something - such as being a non-drinker, if you do want to have a glass of wine, generally you feel guilty or sneaky, instead of seeing it what it is, a glass of wine. (Interesting though, as I still couldn't eat meat!!)

At dinner the waitress came up to me and said "I really like your hair, you don't normally see haircuts like that and it really suits you". I was chuffed!! How lovely. Then it made me realise even more how much the random compliments I give to strangers can really have an impact on other people. AND that when you continually give that you will receive..when you least expect it! 

Such a fun, beautiful day. It's funny - I am only away for a weekend, but went "I'm on holidays" and when you have that mentality you open yourself up to having adventures and meeting new people!

…Until Tomorrow xox

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