Monday, August 4, 2014

Day 65

So excited tonight I feel like I am going to burst!! Just finished up an amazing training session with some truly beautiful women from Nutrimetics! I love that I have found something where work doesn't feel like work!! :) I am actually singing aloud and doing a little happy dance!! :) Hehe! 

I think what made it so so amazing is there were about 15 women in the room and everyone is working toward their own exciting goals and is on their on adventure. I set my goal for the night, and exceeded it!! Whoop!! :) The sense of achievement and feeling attached to doing this is amazing, and whatever the goal may be, its a moment to be proud of! Because you can do whatever you want, you just have to have persistence and patience. 

What's interesting is that before I had my accident, I would never of allowed myself to have an 'off' day (like yesterday) - that was only for other people, I was too strong, I had to push through it, work harder excetera excetera. But what an amazing positive reinforcement for me, to realise that you are allowed to have an off day - and be ok with it (i.e. yesterday I knew I couldn't make any decisions because of Mr Grumpy Pants…so I put any decision making aside - except for cubby houses!!) and then follow it up with an amazing one today!

Then after a day of accepting Mr Grumpy Pants, I followed it subconsciously with a different outlook. Today I woke up (still with a cold) but was much happier, no Mr Grumpy Pants!! I set myself some tasks and not just achieved them - EXCEEDED them! I feel amazing mentally because of it. (So much so I can't sleep!!)

We get so caught up in what we don't have or aren't doing that we forget to look at solutions to figure out how we can get it or do it! If we sat with a problem for a time (a day or so) and just let it be, a solution will arise, without us needing to put more pressure on ourselves to find one. If it has a solution, one can be found when we allow ourselves to stop, breathe and observe. 




Whether you are having a Mr Grumpy Pants day, or a happy exciting positive day, allow yourself to accept it, and feel it. Do what you need to. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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