Thursday, September 11, 2014

Day 102

Yep! That "illness" I have been fighting hit me head on the aches and shakes and nausea…well turned into an achy cold! So it has been an effort today. Then I found out my scans (were scheduled for Monday) needed to be moved forward to tomorrow. So I had to spend the afternoon reorganising myself and packing!! Packing for a fun weekend away when you feel crappy is not easy!! :)

Spontaneity is interesting. I have fallen a bit more into habits from B.A. (before accident) and like to be organised with my time. I guess that's why I've always been good at juggling different things. So when something changes quickly when I already have plans, annoys me and makes me feel unprofessional! But I guess what is different now (A.A.) is I sit back and watch that I'm annoyed and let it go, and laugh at myself. For sometimes things change which are out of our control, and we just have to go with the flow and replan our time. And if you have things scheduled with people, they are understanding most of the time!

I'm not saying I didn't have a hissy fit - or when my dressing gown got caught on the laundry door I didn't let out a few choice words… But for the most part I got on with my day. It's interesting looking at how I use to respond, as to how I respond now. So many of us get caught up in what we "HAVE" to do, that we forget that flexibility that allows us to have adventures and be open to change. 

Just a quick entry tonight…off to continue to pack and need a good nights sleep for the trip to the big smoke tomorrow! 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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