Sunday, September 7, 2014

Day 98

Happy Fathers Day to all of those dads that have children…human or fur or fish or anything! I hope you all had a beautiful day and were able to celebrate it with people who love and appreciate you!

Everyone has someone in their lives who has been there to love, support, guide and be proud of them - even when you have made mistakes. I love celebrating someones birthday, fathers day, mothers day and any other important day where you can take the opportunity to thank them for the importance they have had to you in their life. I think that saying 'thank you' and 'I love you' is not said enough. 

Often the expectation that someone you care about will always be there is so high that we forget to tell them often that we love and care and cherish their importance in our lives. It's interesting when you begin to express how you feel about someone when they are in your life - for example I sent a message out to my close friends a few weeks ago saying that I love them and to thank them for their friendship over the years. The response was interesting - ranging from "Is everything ok?" to "Are you alright?" to "Aww thanks!" 

What that meant to me, was that I hadn't been telling these important people in my life how much they mean to me OFTEN enough. That when I do say it, their immediate response is that there is something wrong. Not that it is the 'norm' and to reciprocate with a "Thanks, you too!" So just like I have been endeavouring to compliment strangers (another one done today in the newsagents where her response was "oh really? It's just my Sunday, just slap it on!" Prooving yet again that we don't compliment people enough!) I have also been reminded to compliment and tell those closest to me as well. 

As much as an official day is a great reminder to say thank you - make sure you say it more regularly than once a year…you want those people who are special to know that they are!! You don't need to wait until something is wrong either!! 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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