Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Day 93

Tonight I needed a little inspiration as I have been curled in a little ball sleeping all afternoon - very strange, came on suddenly, aches, stomach cramps, nausea, exhaustion, chills, I actually couldn't move! According to google there are 74 different things that I could have. 

It's really funny how we have come to rely on the internet and when someone doesn't know something they utter "Google it!". I was talking to mum the other day, she still has the encyclopaedia's that we had when we were kids. How awesome! I told her that she was not to throw them out under any circumstances! And what was better is my sister has taken them to show her kids how to use it. 

I wonder what ever happened to the art of researching things? I remember I would get lost in the library trying to find books and papers on certain topics. It was one of the best things I remember! When I got to University things had started to go a bit more digital. Now where is the fun in that? I think that having the answers at our fingertips make us lazy, don't allow us to work out if we have the information already stored in our memory or even ask the person next to us. 

I also wonder how much of the information we 'google' do we retain? I know that most of the information from the "good ole days" of encyclopaedia's and books have been retained. But I can easily forget what I just looked up about my mysterious 'symptoms'. The other thing that I wonder about, is will this laziness affect us later in life? It would be interest to see if there was a correlation with mental deterioration. 

Oh and I also wonder what other health conditions we may be more prone to by being on our phones / laptops / iPods / tablets / any other technological gadget. It certainly can't be good to be on them THAT frequently. 
And what impact does it have on social skills? And literacy. Call me silly but when someone uses acronyms on the phone, I generally have NO idea what they are talking about. I had to ask my friend just last week what LMFAO meant. That's another example of us being lazy.

And whilst we're on these topics. The acronyms and the situations they are used in don't make sense to me. LOL for example. Did you really just laugh out loud. And when you text someone to say "you look nice today, lol" - are you taking the mickey? 

I'm sure my confusion, lack of understanding and worry may ring a chord with a few of you. All we can do is make sure that we don't fall into those same traps of heavily relying on technology for answers, interaction and stimulation. So instead create your own answers and adventures by going for a walk, actually talking face to face with someone, not taking your phone everywhere you go and stopping to smell the roses, or daisies. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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