Friday, September 12, 2014

Day 103

Today was a long day! Up early to drive to Melbourne for a specialist appointment. So lots of time for my mind to wander…

1. I still have the ability to sleep anywhere. Yep I was laying on the CT scanner bed (?!) and woke myself up by letting out a little snore!! In my defence I did have to lay still for over an hour!

2. Getting a wave when you wave at a car walking past is so exciting. And most entertaining for other drivers as you continue to grin wildly…

3. I am currently radioactive..every time they said that to me today all I wanted to do was sing that 'radioactive' song…but that was the only word I I had radioactive (just the word) in my head..

4. People get frustrated when their GPS leads them astray…but what did we do before them? Good ole maps! …then the only person to get frustrated at would be yourself!!

5. When you get a parking ticket at a shopping centre, 
most people hold it in their mouth until they find a park.

6. My all time favourite saying is.."I wonder what the aliens would think" (because I imagine the whole world is a little like a social experiment for them (like a ginormous big brother) and they are taking notes) So I often start wondering about many what would the aliens think about AFL - boys running around a green oval chasing an oblong ball that bounces funny?!

7. Make sure you go to the toilet before you get in the car to drive around peak hour in Melbourne

8. Sometimes the present you 
bought someone is SOOO good, 
you have to get one for yourself too!

9. Chicken is still meat. 

10. Does getting what you have always wanted really change anything?

11. Handing your paid parking ticket to someone who has just arrived and receiving their gratitude leaves you smiling for the rest of the day. 

12. Never assume someone that goes to their car is actually getting in their car to leave..they may just be waiting for their wife, making a phone call, getting changed..or anything!

13. Where you park at a shopping centre is always at the other end of where you need to go. 

14. Sometimes a 'smiley face' can be creepy. (Just look at the 'have a nice day' one when you've paid for parking…)

15. Sometimes when you wake up and see a hand, it is yours! (It has just gone to sleep!)

Mmm…so many more interesting thoughts, but I'll save some for another time!! 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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  1. I just want to point out how magnificent the new generation of cars are...they don't drive they walk...!!!