Monday, September 8, 2014

Day 99

I went to a naturopath today. I have been meaning to go for awhile, but I just kept thinking to myself that I would keep trying conventional medicine. But I realised today that natural therapy likes my body better. There is a place for both I believe, but for me along my life I have always responded much better to the natural way. 

My (yes, she has been labelled 'my' because I will be going back to her!) naturopath also completed a balancing and massage. Was soo amazing to begin healing in the way that my body knows and understands. Not only from the accident, but my tummy problems too. A massage! I was a bit too scared to get anything like that - you know you are told that you are still 'acute' and that TAC have rules to abide by… but gosh I'm glad I did! I'm super tired tonight, but feel like at least I'm shuffling forward to getting better. 

…Although one comment she did say to me was that it will be a LONG time before I run again…if my knee can take it. So that was hard to hear. But I guess I'm ever the optimist..thinking that I will be able to heal my

self from within and be that 'exception'. I know the power of your thoughts, so I'll continue to work towards thinking positively and healing. 

Another thing she said to me which was really lovely, was that I have an affinity for natural therapies and I should study it! Which was always on the forethought of my to-do list. Was nice to have that reinforced. And something else which was interesting is she looked at my eyes and said that I am a really strong person and never to underestimate myself. I'm not sure how that works, but I think it is fairly true. 

It was an interesting day and one that is worth self-reflection. I would definitely recommend seeing a good Naturopath if you have been having long-term problems. My take-away from today was to trust what is 'normal' for you, and never underestimate what you think is right/wrong with your body. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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