Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Day 117

So today I was pre-accident anxious. I had that overwhelming sense of so many things to do, no time to do them, and being anxious about the future and what I am going to do and the fact I was running late to appointments. The thing about anxiety is that even whilst you're in the moment - saying to yourself that you are being irrational and to look at the bigger scheme of things, you still feel like you're trying to run for the bus but find yourself on the treadmill.

I fought with it today. Which goes against everything I now know, and have been writing about for the past 116 days. The thing about this situation though is that it teaches you that you're never going to have it right ALL OF THE TIME!! You may regress or fall back into that naughty habit. But what will happen is that you can say 'whoops! I'll do that differently next time'. Because if we do it differently we will get a different result. i.e...hopefully not anxious! 

But where does most anxiety stem from? I have been talking to quite a lot of people about anxiety and just their life in general to see how they are. This is people from all walks of life and at different stages. And the big thing that struck home, was work. Majority of people are not happy with their jobs. Other reasons are limitless..relationships, lifestyle, work/life balance, health, fitness etc. The biggest thing about any worry or concern is that only YOU have the ability to change something if it does not feel right. 

The saying "Life's Too Short" is one that is often said flippantly but not really thought about. Take a few minutes to have a think about this saying and what it means to you. What in your heart would you do if you knew your life was only a few weeks / months longer? Why not do it? Often the one thing that will stop us from doing what our heart and our gut is telling us is FEAR. But something I definitely needed to remind myself today is that "Everything will work out just as it is meant to". 

Follow your heart, be brave, take the plunge, be confident and smile. It will all be ok. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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