Monday, September 1, 2014

Day 92

Spring has sprung! Hehe! Along with it a rainy afternoon, spent cleaning and organising! It's amazing how when the weather changes, the motivation to give your house / car / yourself a revamp just takes over and needs to be done - no excuses. It's very therapeutic. Today was an office day. I got a bit frazzled in the middle of the day, it felt like I was running in circles and not getting anywhere.

I had to stop and give myself a little talking to. Worked on a few deep breathing exercises and said to myself that I can only do what I can only do. And proceeded to invest the next hour scheduling my diary. Working out where I can work (split between 3 jobs) where I have free time and family time. 

You need to invest time to be 
productive with your time.

Interesting because it felt more like a waste of time, because I wasn't actively doing anything. But when I sat back and looked at my diary, I was able to see where I could take on more work and properly put in study / family / training time aside so it feels like everything has it's place. I love my smiggle highlighters, everything has it's colour and I can tell at a glance which "work" I'm meant to be doing. I now have to introduce another colour…for study…I think it might be Yellow…or Blue...!!

So I actually did feel productive after this. I continued on by going to Nutrimetics training where I was learning some new skills to be able to teach those that have just joined the business. The night was ended with me being recognised as RE-elevating as Group Leader! I was so chuffed. I had to make a speech! Goes to show how much self - development Nutrimetics as given me, I can now ad lib an awesome speech, where 18months ago it would of been difficult! 

I think why this recognition meant so so much to me was that since my accident (or AA if you read yesterday's blog!) it the first tangible thing that reflects the changes I have made, and feel internally. And reinforces the concept of taking small, daily shuffles toward your goal, rather than getting lost in the "bigger picture". The big take away for me tonight was that you are your hardest critic, I was a bit lost in the fact that I had dropped back from this title and felt I hadn't worked hard enough..etc. 

After I shared my story After my Accident with my Nutrimetics journey, I had a few people hug me saying how much of an inspiration I was, and they had tears in their eyes. Which I find so interesting, because this is me, and I do just pick up and get on with life, not really focussing on what happened to lead me here. This reminded me that sharing your story can have the ability to inspire, move and motivate others, just as their story can do for you. 

Never underestimate yourself. Because you are awesome!

…Until Tomorrow xox

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