Thursday, September 4, 2014

Day 95

WoW! Have you ever been so super excited that you could burst?! That's how I feel tonight! Like everything is falling into place. It is funny how often we put so much pressure on ourselves to not be ourselves, when the whole reason people are attracted to you in the first place is because you are you. Does that make any sense?!

When you start to appreciate who you are and love yourself for it, the right people and jobs and adventures will be attracted to you. I just want to quickly refer back to yesterday, as my blog was more of a full reflection of my journey so far. So to continue from there a good take away message is:

"It's not how you ride the highs of life, 
it's how well you recover from the lows"

I know that I have gone on an enormous journey since my accident 4 months ago. 4 months ago! Sounds so quick to most people, but it has certainly dragged at times for me! And while everyone has been continuing to do what they probably were doing the previous 4 months, I was going through some pretty drastic life changes. 

We always think that bad stuff will never happen directly to us, but it can and does in life. So preparing yourself to be able to cope and deal with the lows are important - because anyone can ride the highs! I was having a chat today with someone who is experiencing one of those low times at the moment. And what has changed in me, is that yes I want to help them / offer advice - but I use to just jump straight in. What I have come to realise (through the past 4 months) is that sometimes people don't want help or solutions, they just want someone to sit with them and listen. 

I am embarking on a counselling course - I am so excited as I will be able to get some knowledge behind me for helping others! My accident has given me the understanding of what it is like to not be always awesome, and what can help in those situations. The thing that is always good if you are worried about someone is just ask "Are you ok?" and respect their answer - remember not to continue to push for the answer that YOU think it should be. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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